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Holidays in Sigirya, Sri Lanka

  • The Lion Rock, Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
  • Aerial view of Sigiriya Rock - Sri Lanka
  • The Lion Rock, Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Visit Sigiriya with the adventure holiday experts.

The ancient city of Sigiraya is made up of the ruins of the 5th Century King Kasyapa. While the ruins will arouse your archaeological interest with its superb water gardens and paintings, it’s the location which is truly incredible here.

Lion Mountain is a vast 200m high rock that juts up out of the middle of a plain. Getting up there now is tricky enough with its steep steps and gangways; building a huge fort up there must have been near impossible. From the top there are simply breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

See the trips below for a great range of small group holidays to the Sigiriya and Sri Lanka.

Sigirya Holidays

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