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Looking to escape the World Cup?

Click to view trips in World Cup qualifying nations So you're not a football fan! No problem. Our adventure holidays visit plenty of non-World Cup destinations. What about embarking on a Galapagos Wildlife Cruise – you couldn’t really get any further away from the action than this! If that seems a little too far from home, perhaps week on Turkey’s idyllic Turquoise Coast will be enough of an escape from the barrage of football coverage, or maybe A Week in Jordan will satisfy your cultural thirst.




Angkor Wat, CambodiaRecommended trip: Cycle Indochina & Angkor Wat (Trip Code: MOC)

It’ll be more a case of ‘World Cup, what World Cup?’ as you cycle from Thailand to Cambodia and onto Vietnam through endless vistas of shimmering paddy fields, rolling limestone hills and past perfectly preserved ancient temples. There’ll be no time to check the latest scores as you explore Indochina’s many cultural wonders and vibrant cities.



Kenya   Tanzania

Group of young lions in KenyaRecommended trip: Kenya & Tanzania Adventure (Trip Code: AYK)

This wildlife extravaganza will be a far more captivating spectacle than this summer’s sporting fixtures. Let Kenya’s astonishing array of animals keep you on the edge of your seat instead of England’s futile dreams of World Cup glory! Enjoy thrilling game drives through the Serengeti and explore the Ngorongoro Crater before winding down on the spice island of Zanzibar.



Turkey - The Turquoise CoastRecommended trip: The Turquoise Coast  (Trip Code: ATL)

Discover the blissful beauty of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast during an eight-day trip offering the perfect balance of relaxation, culture and activity. Based in the charming port town of Kas, you’ll go kayaking over the ancient sunken city of Kekova, visit the ruins of Arycanda and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try paragliding and scuba diving. Enjoy some timeout on a tranquil Gulet boat cruise.




4WD Desert Adventure!Recommended trip:  A Week in Jordan (Trip Code: AXW)

If you are more interested in cultural wealth than sporting success, a week in Jordan should be your perfect antidote to the World Cup season. Explore the beautiful Rose City of Petra, let your troubles float away on the Dead Sea and marvel at the unique sandstone formations at Wadi Rum. For those in need of a little adrenaline rush, the 4WD desert adventure should suffice!




African elephant stood against sunsetRecommended trip: Highlights of Botswana (Trip Code: AZT)

The spectacular game viewing opportunities during this wilderness safari will be all the action you’ll need this summer! Waiting with baited breath as a lion silently stalks its prey is surely far more mesmerising than waiting to see if England lose yet another nail-biting penalty shootout! Chobe National Park is home to high concentrations of elephant and lion, while travelling through the Okavango Delta offer chances to spot buffalo, leopard and even the rare wild dog.




Morocco, A shop selling spicesRecommended trip: Highlights of Morocco (Trip Code: AMH)

Despite their best efforts in the 80s and 90s, Morocco has never secured its fate as a football nation, and failure to qualify again makes it ideal for a World Cup escape. Explore vibrant Marrakech, Meknes and Fez, with their bustling bazaars conjuring up flavours of Arabian Nights. Spend time with the friendly Berber people, embark on a camel trek to the edge of the Sahara and enjoy a magical night under the stars.




Sea Lion in the GalapagosRecommended trip: Galapagos Wildlife Cruise (Trip Code:AAW)

The perfect trip for wildlife enthusiasts but definitely the wrong choice for those hoping to catch the big game! Escape all things football as you visit some of the most distant isles in the archipelago. Isabela, the largest island in the Galapagos, offers the opportunity to see Galapagos Tortoises in the wild – a very rare spectacle. Soak up the unique scenery and marvel at the astonishing biodiversity of this unspoilt paradise.




Old American cars are a common sight in Cuba!Recommended trip: A Taste of Cuba (Trip Code: AUW)

If it’s not baseball or boxing, the Cubans don’t want to know, so footie haters will be safe here! Explore this enchanting island at a leisurely pace during this nine-day trip taking in the cultural delights of Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this colourful nation; its people, its fascinating history and stunning scenery.




On Kilimanjaro's summit Recommended trip: Kilimanjaro, Serengeti & Zanzibar (Trip Code: TYC)

You can’t much further away from football fever than when you are standing on the summit of Africa’s highest mountain – Kilimanjaro. There will be no time to think about the latest scores as you embark on your own sporting championship of a lifetime – to conquer the mighty White Mountain. All of your thoughts and energy will be channelled in one direction – to reach the rooftop of Africa!




Plaza da Espana, SevilleRecommended trip: Highlights of China (Trip Code: ACH)

There’ll be no football celebrations here, just celebrations of an ancient civilisation. In Beijing visit the exquisite Forbidden City, as well as the Great Wall. Travel to Xi’an to witness the Terracotta Army and learn to recreate the flavours of the Orient during an evening cooking class in Yangshuo. Experience China’s urban modernity in Shaghai, a bustling metropolis evident of this country’s burgeoning development.



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