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Adventure holidays in Norway

Top destinations in Norway

Vesteralen Islands

Top trips in Norway

"Rising storm-scarr'd from the ocean,
Where the breakers foam…"

Norway’s national anthem says it all. This is wild country: whether you come in summer for the emerald and jade shimmer of the world-famous fjords, head over in winter to cross-country ski across this pristine snow-covered Eden, or venture far north into the cl... Read more

utches of the unforgiving and unimaginably beautiful Arctic, Norway is about landscape.

With less than 5 million inhabitants, Norway is very sparely populated, leaving huge stretches of wild, frozen scenery ready to be explored. This is the birthplace of skiing, and to glide across the frozen lakes, ancient forests and secluded valleys borders on a rite of passage for all snow devotees. For a slightly less tranquil winter, adrenalin seekers can hurtle down the Olympic Bobsled track at Lillehammer.

Summer sees the snows melt. For walkers, this frees up the world famous fjords for world-class hiking – head up the quiet yet no less dramatic Lustrafjord to escape the huge cruise liners and have the views to yourself. For wildlife enthusiasts, this signals the start of the Arctic season as the ice floes part for our small, ex-scientific research vessels which go forth under the midnight sun in search of Polar bears.

Norway's northern position makes it one of the best locations for Northern Lights Holidays.

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