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From Base to Summit

Real Gear for Real Travellers

Getting to the top takes stamina, determination, fitness and the right gear.

How well equipped you are will go a long way in helping you succeed on a trekking expedition. You will often be starting the trek in the lowlands and then be at freezing temperatures by the time you get to the top, so versatility is the key. The adventure gear experts at Nomad have put together a comprehensive list of the top items to help you on your way to the summit and are kindly offering Exodus clients a 25% discount.

Daysack - Travelproof Lite 35

Daysack - Travelproof Lite 35 - large enough for everything you will need to carry, the Lite 35 weighs in at a mere 566gms which is practically no weight at all – a great start to your packing .

Stuffed with clever features including 2 side pockets, top loading access, front entry access to main compartment, side compression straps, chest strap, hide away water bottle holder and Internal water bladder section.

 Insulated Jacket

Insulated Jacket - forget the fleece, they are too bulky and not versatile enough.

The Fuego insulated jacket weighs just 400gms, packs down tiny into a small pouch or converts into a pillow. It is 20 times warmer than a standard fleece and is both wind and rain resistant making it a great all rounder. Mens - Womens 


Pack-away Insulated Jacket becomes a pillow

Insulated Jacket


Expedition Poncho

Expedition Poncho - Probably the most versatile piece of kit invented!

Not only does it cover you and your daypack, it can be rigged up as a shelter, sat on as a ground sheet, fastened around a sleeping bag to keep dry and gain extra warmth. The Expedition Poncho can be shortened at the front for ease of use when walking uphill.



Bandana – The Panuelo is an incredibly useful piece of soft lightweight 100% cotton cloth.

Bandana – The PanueloWhen you are too hot, dampen and put round your neck to cool down. Use it as a sweat rag, utilise as a small towel, wrap around your face for extra warmth or protection from dust.  It is even just big enough to utilise as a mini sarong!


Expedition Poncho pack-away



Intense Sunscreen

Sunscreen – Intense Sunscreen is extra water and sweat resistant, contains moisturising aloe vera, offers UVA and UVB protection, it’s non greasy, 100ml flat bottle for easy packing, spill resistant and with an  SPF rating of 30 – all in one bottle!


Insulated Steel Mug – This double walled insulated mug will ensure your drinks stay cool in the heat of the tropical plains and warm as you near the freezing summit.  The handles fold away for easy packing and it has a removable easy to clean spill proof lid. Perfect!  

Insulated Steel Mug

 To claim 25% off all Travelproof items visit: and use discount code EXODTP. Please note, this code will only work on any products listed on the Travelproof website.


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