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Limestone rock formation know as Azure Window, Gozo, Malta
Review posted by Bonnie Hechtkopf
***** Written

The Adventure of Being Lost in Gozo

I was given much misinformation when booking this tour. I am not fond of running into loose dogs, when alone on trails. I was told that no reports had been made of participants encountering dogs and that there was a leash law on the island. I was accosted by dogs on 3 separate walks in a week. Other fellow walkers had the same experience. Exodus outsourced everything to Headwaters and there seemed to be little if any communication between the companies. I was told that I would be the only one on the trip, although I was told at an earlier point that there would be 8 others. Why book a tour, if you will be totally alone? The walking tours book was useless. I was unable to complete any of the walks as indicated.
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