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Adventure holidays in Jordan

Top destinations in Jordan

Wadi Rum

Top trips in Jordan

Adventure, activity, cycling and walking holidays to Jordan. If you have any fascination with the past, any interest in archaeology or any taste for spectacular desert landscapes, an adventure holiday in Jordan is probably the one for you. Jordan Holidays are characterised by the friendliness of its citizens. The infrastructure is excellent and the people her... Read more

e are invariably welcoming. The Middle East may be far from peaceful, but you'd never guess that in this region, as this is such a pleasant place to travel through.

Adventure Holiday Highlights: Jordan Essentials

1 Jerash
Buried under the sand for hundreds of years, Jerash has been carefully excavated. Remarkably, 90% of it is still to be excavated. For now, marvel at the Triumphal Arch, unusual Oval Plaza, impressive Temple of Zeus and walk on the original Roman stones of its cobbled streets.

2 Petra
Petra is the beautiful ancient city that was hidden for hundreds and hundreds of years after its 3rd century BC Nabataean inhabitants abandoned it. The rose stone buildings were carved directly into the rock and still retain the sense of decadent grandeur they were built to display, with high views that will take your breath away.

3 Wadi Rum
There’s a reason Wadi Rum has been used as the backdrop to a number of films – the desert scenery here is astounding. A must-do on adventure holiday in Jordan is take a desert jeep safari into the dunes and bed down there for the evening. Appreciate the changing golden hues of the sand from sunset to sunrise and after dark enjoy the lightshow our galaxy of stars puts on all night long.

4 The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea offers well-earned relaxation on an adventure holiday in Jordan. Enjoy effortless floating on your back in the thick salty water and let the high mineral content perk up your health and your sense of well-being.


Jordan Holidays with Exodus - Update
Our Product Team recently returned from a trip to Jordan where they have been working closely with our operational team. As a result we are now pleased to announce:

We have upgraded the accommodation used on all tours in Jordan. Hotels used for our groups will be of a 3 star rating or above to ensure comfortable accommodation throughout the tour.

We have been working closely with a local Bedouin family to develop a fantastic new desert camp. Located in a remote location in the Wadi Rum and only to be used by Exodus groups, it is the perfect destination for a unique desert experience and night out under the stars. This will be used on several of our itineraries including: AXW (camping departures only), TXR and MXW.

Our team of local guides has grown and we are pleased to welcome Khalid, Ryadh, Hasan and Salah to the team. Between them they have decades of guiding experience and are looking forward to showing you their wonderful country!

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