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In Focus logoThere is nothing more reassuring than talking to someone who has been there. Whether it’s giving you the inspiration to make the decision and go, or to provide that crucial piece of advice that means you are fully prepared, you can rest assured that we speak from experience. Our Exodus People web pages are there to give you direct access to the the right member of the Exodus team. Just drop them an email, or ask for a call back.

We are more than a little proud of our well-travelled and pioneering team, and while we are all our own 'travel heroes', you have to admit that some of these guys have experience that is pretty hard to match.

Over 20 years with Exodus, former overland leader, culture vulture, cyclist and trekker - Phil Normington (affectionately known as the Doc for his PhD in rocket science) has been to over 100 countries and is still clocking up more. It’s best to ask Phil where he hasn’t been. Last year Valerie Parkinson got to within 200 meters of the summit of Everest - a fitting achievement from our Kathmandu Base Manager of 24 consecutive years. With winters spent in Nepal, July and August in Ladakh, and the rest of the time in Wiltshire, Valerie does not make it to the office much, but that would be a waste of her talents in any case.

If you are a Polar or wildlife photography enthusiast, and you have not heard of Paul Goldstein, then he'll want to know why. For fun, animated and opinionated advice, Paul is your man. Our Head of Product Jim Eite has notched up over 20 ascents of Kilimanjaro in his previous job as a trek leader, and for Inca Trail experience Chris Borland has it wrapped up at 12 repeats.

Recent adventures from office staff this year include Nick Nikolsky's trek in Uganda’s Ruwenzori Mountains, Andy Ross's pioneering mountain bike trip in Bosnia, Phil and Valerie's Dolpo Circuit, Lucy and Sarah's explorations of Greenland, and Dan Cockburn discovering the wonders of Sierra Leone.

So if you are after some expert advice, the chances are we have someone in the office who has been where you are thinking of going or done what you are thinking of doing! We are always happy to talk travel, so please do get in touch!

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