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The Lost World

Exodus Travels adventure and activity holidays to the Lost World. The Grand Savannah is a unique area in the uplands of the south east, part of a National Park the size of Belgium. Known as El Dorado, 'the golden land', it is a highland savannah which covers some of the most spectacular, untouched wilderness in the world, criss-crossed by rivers, rapids and waterfalls, carpeted in the lower regions by dense jungles which give way to dry highland plains, dotted with massive table-mountains known locally as tepuis. Much of the exotic flora of the region is still unclassified, and the fauna includes jaguar, tapir, akurima and rare tropical birds like the Golden Cock of the Rock. The biggest tepui is Auyan Tepui, off whose northern cliffs plunge the Angel Falls, at 975m, the highest falls in the world. This is a weird, other-worldly environment which was Conan Doyle's 'Lost World'.

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