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Adventure holidays in Bolivia

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Cordillera Real
Lake Titicaca
La Paz
Salt Flats

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Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Bolivia. Bolivia, created politically only a century and a half ago, is twice the size of France, with a population of only seven and a half million. Of these, seventy percent are indigenous Indians, most of them living between 3,000m and 4,000m in the Andean highlands of the country. Th... Read more

e so-called social elite, European by descent and education, has little influence on the lives or the thinking of the indigenous population, for whom the pre-colonial past is woven into the present in a way very difficult for the casual visitor to understand.

What will readily be appreciated by anyone who visits the country is the incomparable mountain scenery, the wild beauty of the landscapes, whether they are of the Andes, Amazon or Altiplano, and the dignity and charm of its people. Bolivia has few comforts and fewer pretensions, but hardly any disappointments for the committed traveller. Exodus Travels have a superb range of adventure and activity holidays to Bolivia.

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