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Zen Buddhism Holidays, Japan

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism notable for its emphasis on practice and experiential wisdom - particularly as realised in the form of meditation known as zazen - in the attainment of awakening. The emergence of Zen as a distinct school of Buddhism was first documented in China. From China, Zen subsequently spread southwards to Japan.

Zen Buddhism Holidays

Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps

Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps

13 days Excl. flights From
EUR €3,775.00

Hike up Mt Fuji for the Japanese sunrise

  • Hike up Mt Fuji for sunrise
  • Ascend Mt Yarigatake
  • Explore Kyoto and Tokyo
Ancient & Modern Japan

Ancient & Modern Japan

14 days Excl. flights From
EUR €3,915.00

Explore Zen gardens, temples and lively cities by bullet train

  • See cherry blossoms or beautiful autumn colours
  • Watch snow monkeys bathing in hot springs
  • Take the high speed 'bullet train'

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