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Holidays to Weddell Sea, Antarctica

  • Weddell Sea
    Weddell Sea

The wild and remote east coast of the Peninsula is found in the Weddell Sea, known for its stunning scenery of giant tabular icebergs and vast sea ice. This ice-choked sea was made famous by the saga of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men from the Endurance expedition. This area is also the realm of the Emperor penguin , the largest of the 17 penguin species and the most vividly coloured.

Also found here is Paulet Island - home to one of the Peninsula’s largest penguin rookeries, Snow Hill Island - the base for the Heroic Age Nordenskjold expedition and Seymour Island - where scientists are still finding fossils of giant penguins.

Weddell Sea holidays

Regal Antarctica Emperors & Kings

Regal Antarctica Emperors & Kings

13 days Excl. flights From
EUR €8,185.00

An in depth exploration of the Antarctic region, including the less visited, more remote, Eastern Weddell Sea side of the Antarctic Peninsula

  • Explore the remote and seldom visited Weddell Sea
  • Visit the remarkable South Shetland Islands
  • Discover the fascinating history of the Falkland Islands

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