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Holidays to Sudan

Sudan is where the Arab world meets Africa and where the Blue Nile meets the White. Sudan holds an amazing diversity of landscapes, tribes, languages, cultures and more pyramids than Egypt. But unlike Egypt, you won’t be jostling with a thousand other tourists at every turn of your adventure holiday.
A holiday here is a unique experience for the adventurous traveller, and for once this is one you won’t be sharing with many others. It can take you from the busy boulevards of Khartoum to the back of a camel as you cross the endless sands of the Bayuda Desert and into the everyday lives of the desert people.

Sudan Highlights
Explore Khartoum

Mostly a modern city of wide boulevards and high rise buildings on a gorgeous riverside setting, Khartoum offers a stark contrast to the vast sandy deserts that make up most of northern Sudan. Make a visit to the National Museum on Nile Avenue a priority and check out ancient Sudanese artefacts as well as Egyptian monuments and temples saved from the flooding of the Aswan Dam.
Bargain in Omdurman
From camels to cups of sweet mint tea, everything’s for sale in the enormous souqs of this Muslim city. The Souq Abu Zayd is Sudan’s largest camel market: because there’s no shade whatsoever, it's best viewed from under the rim of a large hat…
Witness Whirling Dervishes
Men enter a large circle formed by hundreds of onlookers waving large poles and flags, they start to dance very very fast to the beat of the drums; whirling in circles, shouting with joy, faster and faster as the crowd sets up a rhythmical chanting to spur them on. The religious order of the Whirling Dervishes certainly give morris dancers a run for their money.
Marvel at the Pyramids of Old Meroe
One of Sudan’s most arresting views is the sun setting over the ancient royal cemetery of Meroe, the clusters of narrow pyramids on the sand swept hills changing colour in the light. Look out for the well-preserved hieroglyphics in the tombs’ antechambers too.
Camel trekking across the Bayuda Desert
Experience a rewarding sense of remoteness and self sufficiency as you journey as desert tribesmen have for centuries, wandering slowly from place to place over hot sands and undulating dunes, camping each night under a brilliant canopy of stars.
If you’re brave and fit enough you can join a unique camel trek led by Michael Asher: he has travelled more than 20,000 miles by camel, having lived here for ten years, three of them with the Kababish tribe, making him Britain’s greatest living desert explorer and renowned expert on Sudan.

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