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Holidays to the Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia

  • Sossusvlei sand dunes, Namibia

The spectacular, perfectly sculpted sand dunes at Sossusvlei in the heart of the Namib Desert are one of the iconic images of Namibia. A climb to the top reveals rolling dunes stretching off into the distance. Sunset or sunrise provides endless photo opportunities as the changing light takes the sand through a kaleidoscope of colours.

Sossusvlei Desert Adventure Holidays

Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping

Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping

20 days From
EUR €2,770.00

Explore sand dunes, canyons and waterfalls from South Africa to Zimbabwe

  • Explore sand dunes, canyons and waterfalls
  • Look for cheetahs and elephants
  • Discover a rich and diverse culture
Discover Namibia - Camping

Discover Namibia - Camping

13 days From
EUR €1,950.00

Explore Namibia's vast open spaces, shifting desert scenery, wildlife and traditional tribes

  • See the sun rise from the world's highest dunes
  • Watch game at Etosha's waterholes
  • Enjoy diverse and spectacular natural beauty
Namibian Adventurer

Namibian Adventurer

13 days From
EUR €1,955.00

Experience Namibian desert wilderness, wildlife and culture

  • Climb giant sand dunes
  • Seeicnic African animals in Etosha National Park
  • Experience wilderness camping
Cycle Namibia

Cycle Namibia

13 days From
EUR €2,240.00

Enjoy magnificent and diverse Namibian landscapes

  • Enjoy magnificent and diverse landscapes
  • Ride past the world's highest sand dunes
  • Explore the wildlife of Etosha National Park

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