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Review posted by Christopher Conway
***** Written

Namibia and Angola Experience

A fantastic trip into the remote south-west of Angola. A great feeling of adventure, as this was the first Exodus trip to run there for 7 years. It did feel as though we were pioneering the trip, as much had changed in that time, and much was unknown - such as where to find diesel for the vehicles! Our guide (Lucky) and 2 drivers (George and Cristiano) were brilliant. They worked so hard to make things work out and give us a tremendous time. The group of 7 of us got on well and made the experience really good fun as well. The food was always plentiful and very, very good. The downsides were perhaps to be expected in a trip which was starting up after a long gap: we couldn't do everything that the trip notes promised, e.g. The visit to ghost town could not happen as it was closed. The most important problem lay with the visit to Lubango, which had clearly changed in the last 7 years. The planned camp-site was deemed by the local military to be unsafe, and the eventual situation under the floodlit statue of Jesus was far from ideal. Given the host of lodges available in Lubango, this needs thinking about for future trips. Details of obtaining an Angolan visa could be made clearer - probably best to say look at the embassy web-site and follow their instructions. However, it was a brilliant experience, and Etosha really came up trumps with so many good animal sightings. The night at the Waterberg was a lovely way to finish.
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